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Overlay decided to take some time off


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Okay. My overlay will not work, anywhere. But I'm mainly focused on TF2: I've brought up Mumble before TF2, didn't work. I'm running -dxlevel 90 and -nod3d9ex. I've whitelisted hl2.exe in the Team Fortress 2 Folder. And my overlay still won't show.

I'm running Windows 7 (can't remember if x32 or x64), and Mumble 1.2.8.


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I know this isn't an answer to fixing the overlay itself but, when the overlay started coming and going for me I just decided it would be best to use "minimal mode" and set the client to be "always on top" in "minimal mode". Ever since I've been doing that - I think I actually like doing it that way more than the "overlay"... Sadly though, I'm pretty sure the "workaround" I just described wouldn't work if playing a game in full screen (would work for windowed or windowed full screen though)... Though again maybe the official overlay would work if actually playing full screen? I'm not sure on that one because most the games I play now I do not play in full screen even if it's available...

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