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A really weird and persistent problem


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So, suddenly this monday on a raid in WoW i noticed that i heard Mumble conversations through a friends' Skype playback only. At first i heard maybe half a second of speech every now and then with a minute-two minute delay.

No drivers have been upgraded or anything, this problem came just out of the blue. The previous day when raiding Mumble was just fine. Using version 1.2.8 Mumble.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but the weird thing is Mumble always remembers the server and settings and whatnot, even if i try to remove every bit of data that Mumble has. (Used RevoUninstaller too)

I'll list stuff i've been doing to get Mumble back in working order, but i'm bound to forget something, been trying all sorts of things..

As stated above, reinstalling

Changing input/output multiple times

Positional audio on/off

Force TCP Mode on/off

QoS on/off

Output jitter buffer increase/decrease

Output delay increase/decrease

Flush DNS

Tried downloading 1.2.4 version but i don't even think it installed it correctly as i have the previous skin from 1.2.8

Compatibility mode with XP SP2 on/off

Also after some changes i could actually hear a sentence of speech maybe once or twice with a 5-10 sec delay, after which the delay and inability make anything out of the speech got to the starting point of the problem, then speech disappearing altogether.

At first when i could hear a tiny bit of speech i saw the lips going red to indicate someone was saying something, but now i can only see the lips going red if i'm also pressing the push-to-talk key, and i'm not even sure if the person is speaking anything at the time..

This problem is really making a bad impact on my raiding efficiency and hence my guilds', and i'd appreciate any help and advice you can offer. I've pretty much exhausted my knowledge(and Google's) to solve the problem.

Thanks in advance =)

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