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Outside sounds being muted


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So I recently got new headphones but ever since I switched my headphones out, mumble has been freaking out. Whenever I open up mumble, any sounds OUTSIDE of mumble get muted i.e chrome, in-game, steam. If I have a video playing and then open up mumble, the video just freezes and mutes itself. When I start the video back up no sounds play. If I close mumble then refresh the page, the sound from the video just keeps on playing. This also occurs in a game when mumble is up, no in-game sound. So this is like a choice, mumble sounds, or everything else. When I switched out headphones I didnt change any mumble settings or headphone settings, I even reinstalled mumble. If I mess around with the output devies for windows, the outside sound outputs through my speakers and the mumble voices are in my headsets. Are there any settings I need to change to fix this?

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