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I can hear them, they cant hear me, Mic test works.


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Hello everyone thanks for checking out my thead...

I just recently setup an Ubuntu Server at home and am using it to chat locally with my gamer buddies..

Everyone can connect to my server, I can hear them.. However when I attempt to talk to them they cannot hear me, but they can hear the text to audio robot.

My lips dont light up to them either, even when I have my mic pressed...

Microphone is not on mute in any settings... It's plugged in... restarted many times... What do?

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The fact that your lips are turning red indicates to me that your mic isn't opening up.

There are 2 settings locations for PTT. The first is Configure > Settings > Audio Input: Transmission - Push To Talk. The second location is Configure > Settings > Shortcuts and making sure that is set.

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I've ran everything... Microphone is plugged in, it is not muted.... Ports on server computer are open..

I tried signal to ratio, raw input, and push to talk, nothing has worked.

I can hear them fine, they can hear the automated voice when I type to them in Mumble...

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