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I can't access a specific mumble server without vpn.


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I have 2 friends with mumble servers.

I have been on and able to access both of them until recently without issue.

As of last night one of them isn't accessible except with vpn.

Looking at the server listing shows 100% packet loss on that server without vpn.

I was connected to it when the connection to that server became unreliable.

I've tried accessing it via ip and secondary address with no luck when not using vpn.

I'm not a fan of always being on a vpn so any help would be great.

Centurylink DSL

Windows 7 64bit


Nothing new has been installed

No other issues with other programs that require constant connection.

Edit:New info:I've tried uninstalling and starting fresh but it seems to keep my settings even after I completely remove the mumble folder and contents. Friends think the above issue stems from registering a name to the server and it running on multiple IPs. Could this be the case and all that needs done is removing registration? or could it be server registration?

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Try disabling QoS (Quality of Service) in the Mumble configuration and see if that helps. It can be disabled in mumble in the "Network" tab; you will need to check the "Advanced" checkbox to see it.

Are you sure nothing about your network or the servers changed to make it stop working? Mumble itself doesn't really have any configuration option that would make it stop being able to talk to a server on its own.

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I just tried that and it doesn't seem to help.

Server still receives no packets. It doesn't seem to be network related because I can ping the server and it's ip.

I haven't changed anything network related in weeks so I can only think it's the program itself.

I'm going to keep looking for solutions. Thanks for the help anyway.

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