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I can't connect to a specific mumble server


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So this is something that has started to happen to me very recently (for about 3-4 days now). Every now and then, while I'm in a discussion on mumble, I get these huge lag spikes for a few seconds, then I get disconnected from the server.

For around 5 minutes to several hours, I cannot log on this specific server. While this happens to me, all my friends can still log on and do not lag at all, nor disconnect.

One thing to note, I can still log on every other of my favourite mumble servers, and my Internet connection is great.

If I try to ping the specific server address, it just times out. When I try to log on the server, it doesn't show in the UI the ping of the server or the number of online users, which looks like the server is offline, but this is not possible because my friends are currently logged in while this happens.

If anyone has any idea what to do or what is the cause of this, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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