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Can only connect to public servers?


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I reformatted my computer recently and I can only connect to public servers now. I can't connect to my friends mumbles which I used to use all the time. The connect button isn't clickable and I can't see ping or users. However, everything works fine for public servers. Any help?

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Using Mumble for the first time and this is happening to me as well. Though, I haven't reformatted my computer such as OP did. I am positive that I have entered all the information to connect correctly. I turned off my firewall completely. I've reinstalled Mumble 4 times now and restarted my computer both before install and after install each time. There is nothing on the server's end that is causing it that is visible to the admin. And I even provided a picture. Please help. :cry:


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Connect button not enabled == DNS lookup failure (or the IP came back invalid for some reason, I think.. for example I think a hostname that only resolves to IPv4 will not work on a hypothetical machine that only has IPv6 with no tunnel).

Try putting the IP of the server in instead and see if that helps?

Full disclosure: I used to run a commercial Mumble host, and my opinions do not reflect the opinions of the Mumble project.

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