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"Files in Use" Problem


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I'm having troubles downloading and installing Mumble unto my computer. I get past the License Agreement and the custom setup and then click install, but then another box pops up that says Files in Use. It had a list of programs that were currently being used and it told me that I needed to "close the applications" in order to proceed. I killed all the processes blocking the download that I could (most were related to Apple Inc.) and removed them from start up features so that I wouldn't have to deal with them when I restart my computer.

The only problem is, two of the applications wont allow me to stop them. I can choose to press "OK" and continue anyways but even after it says its finished downloading, I get an error crash report when I try to run Mumble. So its a continuous process of retrying and failing right now.

The two applications that wont allow me to end them are:

Intel® Dynamic Application Loader Host Interface Service

Intel® Management and Security Application User Notification Service

Now, I don't know much about all the Intel related software on my computer, but I just seem to assume that they are important and that I don't want to mess with them. If I go into the Windows Task Manager and go under the Service Tab, I can see these two applications running. If I try to Stop then from running, an Unable to Stop Service box appears saying, "The operation could not be completed. Access is denied."

Did I come to the wrong forum for this problem as this seems to be an Intel related problem? or is there a way around this? Should I even be stopping these services in the first place? Please offer any help that you can.

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If it’s the usual thing it should only occur when Upgrading Mumble and it has already been started once in that computer session. For a fresh installation it should not occur at all.

As ngollan said, you can just ignore the processes in use, and do a system restart afterwards.

For the Mumble Overlay, Mumble injects its overlay into some other processes. On an upgrade, this installation step ensures that no state from an older Mumble installation is still running at the same time as the new one.

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