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They hear me, but I cant hear them


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For a few days now I have this problem with Mumble. I hear what i call is the mumble robot that tells me i disconnected and connected. Even when someone changes channels i hear that, BUT when others talk i can't hear them nor see their lips turn red when they que up. The only time i can hear them is if i set output to speakers. I don't want it that way I want to talk and hear with my headset.

The headset is a Logiteck USB. nothing special. Like a 20 dollar mic. Windows 8.1, Realtek sound card, Mumble version is 1.2.8.

Things i have done already:

uninstalled mumble and reinstalled it a few times.

uninstalled the sound card, rebooted for auto find with windows.

went to realtek site and dowmloaded drivers

done the audio wizard many times

messed with settings in input and output many times(yes disconnecting and reconnecting each time)

Tried many different USB ports for the head set

Tried and 2 plug head set when same results thou also with them it was harder for people to hear me.

I have set my headset as default device in sound settings

I have unplug my speakers to persay force it to only use headset.

I even had my brother that lives in same house but uses different OS and mumble works just fine for him, and i cant hear him.

Need help plz I raid tomorrow and i dont want to have to send my wife out of the room for 4 plus hours while i raid just cause i have to use my speakers to hear them.

Also vent works fine, skype works fine

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Downloading Realtek drivers probably won't help - you have a USB microphone it's probably bypassing those drivers and using the generic USB audio one.

When you do the audio wizard, do you hear the "this is an example of speex" line on the one page? Do you hear the rotating audio on the positional audio page? What are you setting your output device to in the wizard when your headphones are plugged in?

The "Mumble Robot" is actually the Windows TTS system, which is wholly independent from Mumble (IIRC we basically send it a message in text format and it does the rest, Mumble has almost no control over the audio for it).

Full disclosure: I used to run a commercial Mumble host, and my opinions do not reflect the opinions of the Mumble project.

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