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Wrong Certificate or Password


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I have downloaded the Plumble App to my Note4.

When I attempt to access a channel, I receive the message "Connection Rejected: Wrong Certificate or Password for existing user".

The settings that I am using are the very same that I applied onto my PC and it worked.


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Registrations in Mumble are bound to the client certificate, so if you are registered with your PC you can't use the same name with another certificate on Plumble.

You have 2 choices:

1. Export your Client certificate from your PC to Plumble; though you won't be able to join the server with your PC AND Android at the same time.

2. Choose another username on Plumble.

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Create a new user for your mobile.

For example, I use Entrepwn3rr on my computer and Entrepwn3rrOTG for my mobile. Then add your new username into a group with the same permissions as your other account.

This is the best way as the clients won't conflict if both are connected at the same time.

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