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Mac Client - Overlay/GW2 Issues


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I'm on Yosemite, fully updated, and am having issues with the overlay. If I start mumble FIRST, and then GW2 the overlay works, but crashes GW2 immediately. I've downloaded the latest snapshot from the website, tried that, and still no luck.

If i leave the overlay off, everything works as expected. Any suggestions for how to get the overlay working?


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I apologize if I followed the wrong order, but I thought this was the next step beyond "i can't FIX it" and whining to my guildmates =)

I looked around for a bug tracker and couldn't seem to find it, can you please provide a link? Also, I am the only guild member on a mac so I don't know if there is anyone else having the same issue.

Let me know what I need to do next!

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