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mumble not displaying (help)


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It worked great last night , when I turned it on today it wont display on my monitor . I uninstalled and reinstalled several times (Including cleaning registry ) . When I open mumble it pops up on task bar , If I wave mouse over mumble on task bar it shows a small mumble display , but wont show on screen , also if I have another program open , when I mouse over mumble it will minimize what ever is on screen as if mumble was displaying , any I deads on the what the problem is?

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Open Mumble, select another window, then select the Mumble window from the task bar.

Then hit ALT+Spacebar, then press M (for move), hit an arrow key, and then move your mouse.

If the window was off-screen/off-centred, you should be able to place it visibly now.

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