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Mumble Stops Working Properly at Random Intervals


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I am having a problem where I can log into Mumble and things work just fine. I can hear my guild members, and they can hear me. Then, rather randomly (sometimes after minutes, sometimes after hours), it just gets quiet in Mumble, and I will ask (using push-to-talk), "You guys still there?" When I get no response, I have to restart Mumble, and then everything works fine again . . . until it doesn't.

Again, I have no way of knowing when things stop working other than my guild members seeming to be exceptionally quiet. Once I realize Mumble is "broken," I restart the program, and things go back to normal. In other words, nothing in the Mumble window indicates things are not working, and I can still hear everything else (like my game, or my music, or whatever). I have tried replicating the problem, but it seems to just happen at random intervals. Nothing I am doing seems to be the direct cause of the problem.

I am using a UBS Logitech G35 headset. If you need any other information to help me solve this problem, just let know.

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