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Hello, I'm having issues when trying to send images to chat. My config is set to allow for up to 150kB files, but I'm unable to post something as small as 120kB. It kicks back with an error telling me it's to large. I have tried setting the the config to unlimited/0, and it works when I do this, but the error returns when I change it back to 150000. Any suggestions on something I'm over looking?


# Maximum length of text messages in characters. 0 for no limit.

# Maximum length of text messages in characters, with image data. 0 for no limit.

# Allow clients to use HTML in messages, user comments and channel descriptions?

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What version of Mumble are you using? I'm not certain on this, but I think it used to be that there was a hard-coded limit of 64KB due to the way that QT processed inline images (I think it gets substantially more expensive the bigger they are or something?).

This limit may have been removed, I'm not sure though. If it's still there we should probably document it. Ninja edit: Looks like we have documented it.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, I'd found that during my troubleshooting as well. Both my client and server are running 1.2.8, so I don't believe this to be the issue. Moreover, the issue is resolved when I remove the limit completely. Sadly, I don't want to run the server like this, because a few of my users are twits; they'd abuse it once they discovered it.

I'm not knowledgeable enough in this, but I wonder if running the server on a static binary, and not as a service, has anything to do with this? I'm sure the .ini is being read, again because of the above changes/other configuration changes I've made, so I'm not sure.

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