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Using ICE to add a new channel on Centos 7


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I think I have installed ICE on my Centos 7 server. My need is to dynamically create channels on the murmur server by means of some scripting language ultimately called by a php script. I did not find any information on the internet about this practice. I tried following one of the scripts in the forum as a test:

import Ice
Ice.loadSlice('-I/usr/share/Ice-3.5.1/slice', ['Murmur.ice'])
import Murmur
comm = Ice.initialize()


but python stopped it cold by complaining it does not find the Ice module. How do I add it?

I checked and in fact I have IcePHP.so, even if python my not find it, at:


Sorry, but I am very new to both murmur and Ice.

My phpInfo information is temporarily availabel at:


where the Ice module seems to be present, albeit with nearly no configuration as you may see.

Thanks, Fabrizio

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