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client development libraries to create a VST plugin


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Hi all,

is there an actively maintained client library (C++) available? I am aware of MumbleKit (actively maintained as its used in the iOS client) and libmumble (looks deserted on github and seems to cover only basic connection and nothing more).

I want to know what it would take to create a mumble client as a VST/AU plugin, the main use would be multi track recording/mixing with one of the larger audio packages (Reaper, Ardour, Logic, etc) for podcasts.

I am aware of the multitrack recording feature in the current mumble client, but thats not sufficient for my use case, I need seperate streams in real time to process them and route them around.

Another possibility would be to use the plugin interface of the mumble client, but I did not find any concrete documentation on this, apart from using it to conect it to games, doing overlays and controlling the positional audio.

I would be eternally grateful for any pointers on the matter.



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