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Requesting crypt-nonce resync - one user can't be heard


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We are using Mumble and Murmur 1.2.1 mostly very successfully (on Windows 2008 for server and Windows 7 for client). However, sometimes we find that one user will suddenly stop being heard by everyone else. They can hear others fine. We know that it is not an issue with devices or sound input at their end - we have investigated that in detail. In the mumur logs we see at around the time of the issue entries like this:

21:35:53.032 1 => <2:x35kxcLRDRSqoC2q1NT3GTQ==(1)> Requesting crypt-nonce resync

Now from looking at the murmur source it seems that occurs when murmur has not received a valid packet for some 5 seconds.

Has anyone seen this kind of sudden loss of one user, or know if it may be related to that log message? And if so what the cause might be? I suspected QoS causing their router to drop packets, but it is just hypothesising as it happens infrequently and we have yet to try recreate the issue with QoS turned off

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When/After the issue occurs, check the packet statistics - I guess that user will also have packet loss at that point.

So it’s some kind of networking issue on his end.

If QoS always works, it’s probably some kind of broken networking infrastructure. We’ve heard of routers who fuck packages up with QoS enabled.

If it works with QoS disabled, that’s a reasonable workaround.

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