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Mumble crashes because of my headphones


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Mumble itself does not generally lead to crashes like that.

This seems to be a headset driver issue then (I assume it comes with its own driver, rather than being a simple wired output device).

As such, I would suggest checking for updated drivers from their side, and/or contacting the manufacturers support.

Does this happen when using other software as well?

To work around the issue, you may want to increase the Jitter buffer. As described in the Audio Wizard, very low values may not work with all devices (ofc. even in that case, crashing is a driver bug).

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What Kissaki means is that Mumble generally can't crash the whole computer. Mumble can mostly likely crash itself due to a bug, which seems to be what's happening here.

EternalToss, could you please provide a copy of your Console.txt? It contains the Mumble log, and we might be able to figure out what's going wrong by looking at it. It lives in %APPDATA%\Mumble.

Also, does your Mumble client prompt you to submit crash reports? If so, have you reported any? We should be able to find them and further diagnose the issue.

Thanks for the report, much appreciated.

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