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Hey everyone, this is my first post here, so, Hello :) My name is Eric, I'm an IT and a military veteran and I've been working on a smart home system, and I want to utilize mumble as a smart home intercom communications system. Now, here's my idea and thoughts.

I want to use Mumble to create an intercom communications system, but I also want to be able to isolate specific users at specific times.

Imagine you have five rooms, you have a smart phone in each room hooked up to a speaker system. That smart phone is connected to a mumble server and each one has its own username: i.e. living room, kitchen, bedroom 1, bedroom2, etc.

I want to have the ability to communicate to all of the mumble devices on the network at one time, as well as allow one to have a private session (i.e. in a separate private group, for example, phone calls and/or private conversations).

I utilize the Jarvis Program (over at ai-dot.net). The only input the program has is via audio and I have it right now connected through a dedicated computer on my mumble server, so I can from any device, issue commands to Jarvis, who communicates with eventghost and then eventghost via pushbullet to IFTTT and then controls all my other 'things' on the internet of things.

Long story short, I think I'm going to need to set that system itself up for each and every room, so that everyone gets their own dedicated 'jarvis' and don't have overlapping commands being given. What I want is to be able to detect which member is in which room, and automatically move them to the same room along with their 'jarvis' that they are physically in.

Is Mumble able to script these kinds of things? I'm a little in over my head and it's hard to explain what it is I'm looking for exactly, if you need me to give more detail then I can give it, but I just want to know if Mumble is capable of doing this kind of work.

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