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[Requests] Power requests only when connected to a server.


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Currently when Mumble is idling and not connected to any server it's still always sending an audio driver power request to Windows which prevents my PC from going into sleep mode. Would it be possible for Mumble to only send a power request when connected to a server.

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Could you check if there already is a bug ticket for that, and if not, create one?


The reason I guess this happens is because of Mumble continuously checking your noise/voice level, so that *when* you talk, the volume can be adjusted correctly or noise suppressed correctly and/or voice detected correctly.

Although this is less of a necessity when not connected to a server, it is expected to work just as good when you connect to a server and instantly talk; hence it’s always on.

As a workaround, you can just quit Mumble when you want to sleep.

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