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Nat loopback & UDP issue


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I’ve been running a small mumble server for a bunch of friends for a while now and I’ve just got a new router which is causing me some minor annoyance. Using my old router (Linksys WRT610N v2) I could connect to the mumble server on my home server, from my gaming PC using the external ip whether I was on my home LAN or round a friends house without issue.

Since I bought the Netgear R7500 Nighthawk X4 I can connect to the server fine using the external ip when I'm at home but no one can hear me. I’ve found I can get around it either by forcing TCP mode or by using the internal server ip address.

Anyone had any similar issues and knows if there is a solution?


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This is surprisingly common, and AFAIK there is no permanent solution. Some routers even chuck away TCP packets to the external interface from the internal network if they're port-forwarded (my old one did). I don't think there's anything Mumble can do to fix this.

One potential bandaid solution is to set up a split-horizon DNS (probably not possible with stock router firmware and no other machine to do DNS on your LAN) so that when you're at home, mumble.yourdomain.com resolves to the internal IP, and for everyone else it resolves to your external IP - thus when you're out and about it would resolve correctly to the external one.

Full disclosure: I used to run a commercial Mumble host, and my opinions do not reflect the opinions of the Mumble project.

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