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I see in Mumble that there is encryption going on for the control channel and for voice? Does that mean that all voice and text messages going through mumble is encrypted?

What are the encryption keys? Are they derived from the certificates? Or, in other words, if I verify the fingerprints on the client and server certificate, can I be certain nobody could eavesdrop on a conversation in Mumble, assuming the server is secure?

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Hi. Voice as well as control channel are AES encrypted at all times. This also includes text (which is transmitted through the control channel). We do not even allow encryption to be switched off at all :D

The encryption uses session keys which are negotiated while connecting. Server as well as client can use certificates to verify each others identity. If you do so you can be certain, assuming the server is secure and no one has the servers/your private certificate, that nobody can eavesdrop on anything going out and into your client.

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