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Mumble server suddenly really slow


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I recently decided to use my raspberry-pi as a mumble server on my home network with raspbian (Debian). I installed the mumble-server package, assigned a static ip to my raspberry-pi and everything was working fine, it was quick and responsive with no problems for me or my friends. Now suddenly after a few days, it takes between 10-20 seconds to join the server, then another 20 seconds or so before all of the channels and users are shown. It also takes roughly 10 seconds for anything else to happen, such as changing channels or messaging someone. It makes no difference if I join it through my local ip address or my external ip address.

One other weird thing is that sometimes I will click to join and after around a minute it will just say disconnected from server without even joining it in the first place.

Also the following sometimes appears once I have joined the server:

[02:06:01] UDP packets cannot be sent to or received from the server. Switching to TCP mode.
[02:06:21] UDP packets can be sent to and received from the server. Switching back to UDP mode.

If you need any further information please ask and I'll do my best, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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