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Sound gets to some clients, not others


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I am using 1.3.0 server on Debian 10 with 1.3.4 on Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04 with Mumla 3.6.3 (mumble 1.2.5) on Android 11. Sound from 1.3.4/20.04 goes to 1.3.4/22.04. Sound from 1.3.4/22.04 goes to 3.6.3/11. Sound from 3.6.3/11 goes to 1.3.4/20.04 and 1.3.4/22.04. But! Sound does not go from 1.3.4/20.04 to 3.6.3/11


This was with the Play store version. I switched to the fdroid version... still 3.6.3/1.2.5, but seemingly a newer build? Then things started working. I'm mentioning this for others who may hit similar issues. I guess it would be of interest to the Mumla developer as well, if they want to do a rebuild for the play store? If I have time, I'll file a bug/check the bug tracker. It'd also be interesting if anyone can reproduce it (or not) with the same client/server set up.



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