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PTT option refuses to hold


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I've run ragged trying to sort this out, clean installs, the works. Dunno what's causing it. What happens is that when I push and hold my ptt button, the connection goes active for a millisecond, then cuts out. It doesn't hold for the length of my holding the button, which is pretty obviously a problem. My current workaround is to make the hold time as long as possible so I can push the button once and get five seconds to say whatever I'm saying, but that's not really all that great. I've tried it with multiple devices, it's not a hardware issue. I just don't know what the hell to do.

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I can't promise this will help diagnose it, but if you could post the output of dxdiag (assuming Windows, sorry if not) it might help.

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Have tried both 32- and 64-bit versions of software. Have reinstalled after going through my registry deleting every single line entry mentioning mumble. Issue persists.

Have received no response from any person involved with this website on this forum.

The link to your IRC channel on the front page results in mibbit reporting that the freenode.org is "terminated"

Is anyone at all alive in here?

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