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Mumble -- 1.1.x Server connection failed: The remote host..


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I have two Win 7 x64 machines that I want to be able to run Mumble on.

For what ever reason the normal routine is not getting the job done on either machine because I get this error.

Server connection failed: The remote host closed the connection.

Both machines are running the latest Dev snapshot currently 7208fc

In order to get one working I have to go through the mumble server admin to get connected. Once i get in it works fine over multiple sessions with no trouble.

The issue is when I go back to the other machine it is not working and I get this same error but nothing has changed except which machine I'm on.

Note I have not tried logging in on bot machines at the same time just one at a time.

At this moment I have one machine that is working but here's the kicker when I try the mumble11x.exe I get the same error on the working machine.

I hope it's not to much to ask to have this working on two PC with out tracking down an admin every time to get on the server.

Server info:


Port: 3650

No pass word required

Please advise how to proceed

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