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PTT doesn't save, have to change it each time


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So my Mumble Push-To-Talk shortcuts don't save, and I have to change it every time I start Mumble. Also, whenever I change settings in Mumble it lags (goes into "Not Responding") for a solid minute or two before settings change.

What happens is whenever I open Mumble (daily) the Push-To-Talk shortcut does not work. I then have to go into settings, double click the shortcut, and choose the SAME button I used previously. Then Mumble lags for a solid minute or two before it saves and I can press the push-to-talk button to talk.

I'm not sure why this particular setting never saves, and why Mumble lags so much whenever a setting is changed and I press Apply. Everything else is saved including usernames and servers.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I've tried reinstalling.

Thank you!

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