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Newly Installed Server Won't Start


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I have uninstalled and reinstalled Mumble Server about a dozen times tonight. I've installed Mumble Server many different times in the past, and have had no issues. I can successfully setup a Mumble Server in less than 2 minutes. Here is what I did to install:

apt-get update

apt-get upgrade

apt-get install mumble-server

dpkg-reconfigure mumble-server

Yes, Yes, Set Password

As soon as I reconfigure and Mumble tries to write to the database, it gives the errors below. Pulled these directly from the log file.

I saw a previous post about an error that was similar, but not the same error. Someone mentioned moving the database to a different location that the murmur user has access to. I changed the path in mumble-server.ini to be /home/mumble-server, but I am still getting the same error. I even tried doing chmod 777 on the database and the folder the database is stored in, but I'm still getting the errors below. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

2015-07-07 21:29:08.994 Initializing settings from /etc/mumble-server.ini (basepath /etc)

2015-07-07 21:29:08.995 OpenSSL: OpenSSL 1.0.1f 6 Jan 2014

2015-07-07 21:29:08.995 Successfully switched to uid 113

2015-07-07 21:29:08.996 Failed to set initial capabilities

2015-07-07 21:29:09.091 ServerDB: Opened SQLite database /home/mumble-server/mumble-server.sqlite

2015-07-07 21:29:09.092 Generating new tables...

2015-07-07 21:29:09.093 SQL Error [CREATE UNIQUE INDEX `config_key` ON `config`(`server_id`, `key`)]: unable to open database file Unable to fetch row

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