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Newly Installed Mumble Server Has Insane Ping


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So I had a mumble server set up on my main computer (referred to as PC), no problems. I decided to move it to my laptop (made my normal computer's IP dynamic again, and reused information to make laptop static). So for some reason my ping is jumping between ~4 and ~1.3 MILLION. Any ideas as to why?

Windows firewall allowing mumble to pass through on both laptop and PC

Standard port is port forwarded through router

Static IP (done through internet protocol version 4, that's how I was taught to do it, not sure if there's another way)

Laptop is hooked up to router via ethernet cable. PC is connected over wifi. PC signal strength is 5/5 bars.

Laptop is from Asus, ~2+ years old. Not sure of model offhand, can get it if needed.

Log from murmur

laptop ping (showing itself, so ping should be relatively low)

pc ping

let me know if you need anything else, trying to get this resolved. I would post a log straight from my PC from mumble, but it literally just doesn't join the server (it's taking ages)

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@Kissaki can UDP corruption do this or do we throw away ping responses that don't match the weak crypto we use (I feel like it was the latter)?

I know there was issues with Mumble's ping doing this to me a long time ago, I feel like it was a 64-bit FreeBSD issue, but I can't remember.

Full disclosure: I used to run a commercial Mumble host, and my opinions do not reflect the opinions of the Mumble project.

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It's probably a timer problem.

We've had weird ping displays inside the client, too. But back then, they were TSC issues, when TSCs in early Athlon 64's were not synced (and people/code expected them to be...).

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So for some reason my ping is jumping between ~4 and ~1.3 MILLION. Any ideas as to why?


I had the insane ping too. my server connect list had 2 listings for the same server. 1 external ip, and 1 internal ip. the internal ip ping was insane high, and the external ip ping was normal. when i deleted the external ip listing then the ping was normal again on the interal ip listing.

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