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Murmur periodically disconnects every user


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Murmur is running on Mac OS and has been working fine for over a year now. I came back from a three week vacation and whenever someone is connected they will get be shortly (but not instantly ~ 30 secs) disconnected. In the server log it says "disconnecting ghost".

I have completely deleted and reinstalled all the mumble server files. So the current server is a completely fresh version downloaded from the site. I have also updated my client to the most recent version.

I have checked all the port forwarding and address assigning (for the server) and it seems fine.

It only ever sees light traffic less than 10 users and it does it for everyone on the server.

I do not know what else to say so if I haven't given important information please ask.

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The server labeling that user as a ghost means he did not receive any (control) packets from him any more.

As it works for everyone else, it’s very likely a networking issue on that users side.

If it worked for him before, he should check what changed (different router or router/firewall configuration)?

I would guess if he regularly changes state (changes channel, mutes/unmutes himself, and I guess the talking state also counts) he will not be disconnected.

And if he does, some of his networking considers the connection "open for too long" and kills it I guess.

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I am sorry I mad a mistake in the post. It happens for everyone. But I assume your answer would still be the same it just means the issue is on my network. Is that correct? However, I don't believe my firewall changed at all. And I know my router is the same. Are their any specific places I could check or things I could change to make a difference? Like a setting on the server so it ignores the "ghost", because everything else seems to work fine.

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