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Unfixable Crack/Pop from speakers (OUTPUT ONLY)


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I have absolutely no idea how to fix this issue it occurs in my headset aswell

Things I have tried:

different drivers

different mumble version

different mumble servers

different jitter/output delay settings

lowering mumble volume

disabling "uTorrent"

disabling "Audio Enhancements"

disabling "Exclusive Mode"

sound card (it was a long shot i know)

Windows XP compatibility (this helps but its still there)

24 bit, 96000khz (Push to Talk CUE noise pops at this format)

24 bit, 48000khz (no issue with push to talk but the voices still crack)

mumble works fine on my mums PC, so this outrules any type of router/internet Lag


it seems to become worse when more people talk or loud - everything else is fine, this only happens in MUMBLE.

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