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Why is Mumble better than Skype?


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Ok so I know this guy, who swears up and down how mumble sucks and that skype is where it's at... *facepalm

I know mumble is better than skype, hell it's probably the best VoIP out there.

Can someone please give me a detailed explanation why Mumble > Skype?

Please provide references if possible so I can finally crush this dudes idiocy in a discussion.

Thank you.

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I don't know if the forums have the same guidelines as IRC, but on IRC we tend to not encourage discussion of competing software as a rule - it tends to get rather ugly. Not to mention that Mumble isn't without it's flaws, and those who live in glass houses...

Having said that, unless it's just being used for 2 or 3 person discussions (in which case Skype could be considered subjectively better than Mumble) it's probably not worth arguing with such a person. There's a quote who's author escapes me about logic being useless to argue against a position, when logic wasn't used to arrive there in the first place. :lol:

Full disclosure: I used to run a commercial Mumble host, and my opinions do not reflect the opinions of the Mumble project.

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Look there is right and there is wrong.

Just because some people don't like to be wrong , doesn't mean you avoid the subject.

In fact it's because of this you must press the issue and both parties obtain truth, a truth which they can both agree on and move forward from.

Me just letting it be, is me against the truth. This is something I can't do.

Obviously one is better than the other and there are reasons for that.

Ex. Open Source Code for custom plug-in's and so we know what the code does.


Skype's obfuscated code that no one can really say what it does or what's hidden inside.

( This was just picked off a random article in a google search, if I am wrong please tell me, it is for that reason I am here asking about this stuff. anyone can surf the web and find what they want but there is a difference between finding truth and what you want. )

The person I deal with often states that Skype sounds better.

Does Skype used more advanced Audio Codecs?

What does Mumble use in comparison?

I ask here because this is supposeably a place where the project members speak to the actual community who use their software. If anyone knows anything about VoIP's it's going to be people here.

So again, can you give me a breakdown of the differences? You don't have to necessarily say one is superior to the other but rather what are the differences of both? What are the Pro's and Con's to each?

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Open both programs and talk with him.

You should notice Mumble having a (considerably) lower latency.

According to the wikipedia page on skype

it also uses Opus by now; so audio quality wise, both programs have the same potential.

I am not sure you have any control over what Skype actually uses, and what quality, though - which you have on Mumble.

There are obviously a lot more differences; but those may not even interest the other party.

So if he says it sounds better, use both in parallel and compare.

If he does not care about latency (as a gamer he probably will / you can argue), well, you can only try to present him other advantages he probably will not care about.

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