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No Sound In/Out, Audio Wizard doesn't work, other apps fine


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I don't get any sound coming in or out of mumble with the exception of text-to-speech messages. My Mic and headset work fine with other apps including Ventrilo, Roll20, and Skype, so I think there is something funny with the audio settings in Mumble. My lips light up but no one else's do. The audio wizard does not play any sounds.

I have tried altering settings like exclusive mode, positional audio, which device is selected, etc. without making any difference. I cannot change anything in the system drop-down as it is stuck on WASAPI and grayed-out. I deleted all my local Mumble settings and reinstalled the program several times.

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I am having this exact same issue. It started about 3 days ago and has gotten steadily worse.

I can only hear and transmit audio for about 20 seconds before no audio goes in or out. I can still hear text-to-speech notifications and everyone else in the channel can hear each other. Disconnecting and reconnecting from the channel resolves the issue for 20 seconds or so. I notice it usually happens if people stop speaking. As long as people continue to talk I can still hear. It has never cut them off mid-sentence.

I've messed with the settings, talked with the live web chat support, reinstalled several times and nothing works

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