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Add a server and windows 10


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So I'll quickly explain the problem.

I was on windows 8.1 I made a fresh install (didn't format) just "Refresh your PC without affecting your files".

Then I moved to Windows 10

Problem is when I tried to add my friend's server, I enter everything right but the "Connect" still gray and dosen't allow me to connect (can't click) just grey and deactivated.

I tried to add others servers and they are working like a charm.

I just can't reach my friend's server. I uninstalled and cleaned register with Revouninstaller but the problem still here.

Do you have any advice please?


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What happens when you go Windows+R; "cmd"; then type "ping" followed by a space and the server name?

I've heard stories of DNS lookup strangeness with Windows 10, but it hasn't bit me yet.

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