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Unable to interact with Mumble Client window [Win10]


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I recently (read today) upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7 and after that I cannot interact (at all) with the Mumble Client window,I get the "error ping" when clicking in it.

I could connect to a server if I did it at start-up of the client, such as choosing one of the "favourite" servers and it would automatically connect to the server, but I still couldn't interact with the client and have to kill it using task manager.

I have tried:

Run it in compatibility mode (for win 7), no change.

Reinstall, but keeping all the settings, roaming, etc. no change.

Removing the client and then installing the latest client (1.2.10 x64), no change.

Clearing everything mumble related (appdata/roaming, installation folders etc.) and installing the latest client.

Help would be most appreciated.

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