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Question about libmumble?


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Hello, I'm looking into embedding mumble with my game.

I'm a bit confused at libmumble.

It is the lib I should use? Or I need to stripe down mumble's Qt Client myself?

I need features like positional audio, but I don't need bonjour for example, as I want to build a central voip server only for my game.

But looking at libmumble's code, it handles some network functions, but I couldn't find anything related to audio capturing and playing. Using it doesn't seem to get what I need.

Plus, I found few different libmumble projects. Their source code looks different. And all of the libmumbles are not actively maintained.

What should I do?


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My personal recommendation would be to take what looks like the most complete libmumble, strip down the rest of Mumble and implement it in libmumble for your game, then opensource your work on libmumble as a means to promote your game. :D

However, before you do that, you'll want to investigate licensing first. Mumble is dual-licensed GPL and BSD, and if I understand the license correctly you can use the sources for it under either. However the crypto for the UDP audio packets is patented, you may be able to get a license to use it (might be made easier if you take my advice above and open-source your work on libmumble, I honestly have no dealings with the patent holder) or if you open source your game entirely then you avoid the issue completely.

Also you can't take any of the Qt bits (which I'm pretty sure there aren't any in libmumble, but as you say it's not complete) without either a) open sourcing your game or b) negotiating a commercial Qt license with them.

Full disclosure: I used to run a commercial Mumble host, and my opinions do not reflect the opinions of the Mumble project.

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