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Can't connect to Mumble without vpn


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Hi guys,

First, great program! but I have a weird problem. I installed mumble again last week after a complete reinstall of my pc with Windows 10. But in my wisdon, the first time I connected to mumble I still had my vpn on for US Netflix (I myself live in The Netherlands). Now Mumble can only connect when I turn on my VPN, when I turn VPN off I get the following error:

"Server connection failed: The remote host closed the connection"

I tried the following actions to solve it:

- Completely reinstall Mumble (also deleted registry and stuff so I had to do intro wizard again etc.), didn't work.

- uncheck QoS (quality of service). didn't work

- check "Force TCP mode", didn't work

- Type "ipconfig /flushdns" in command prompt, didn't work

It's not a too big problem to use a VPN when gaming so I can use mumble, but I still would like to solve it.

Oh yeah did I mention I have Windows 10 (64 bit)?

Thanks in advance.

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