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Bug mumble with certificate.


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Hello everyone, I do this topic because I have a big problem with mumble.

Indeed, recently, I can not connect to mumble tf2co, my best mumble. When I try to connect, display a message ca me rather boring:

The server presents a certificate that has an invalid verification ..

Errors of this certificate are:

1. Host Name correspond to any valid host for this certificate

2. The certificate is not secure because self signed

Would you still accept this certificate?

(It will also be stored and the question you will not be asked again.

Three choices are available to me: Yes, No, and View Certificate.

If I click Yes, the message is represented to me as it is.

If I click No, the message disappears and leaves me blue mumble page with nothing on it. Clearly nothing happens.

If I click on View Certificate, ca me opens a page with this certificate with lots of entries, but no options apart the ok button. I click on this page it closes, and again the word before.

The mumbles public databases are accessible to me, but also as private mumbles tf2center EXCEPT TF2CONNEXION, that where i am everytime.

Please I need your help absolutely, it is very important to me.

Thank you in advance. Major :)

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