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Logitech G35/G930 only sound on right ear


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Now this has been a problem for a few years.

And still no fix for it. Just temporary workarounds.

As far as i know there is two workarounds.

1. Running mumble as Windows XP. Witch make all volume on the computer low.

2. Configure the divice to right and left speaker only with channel phantom. Witch works ok. But again, turns the volume down on other applications.

I know this is a problem for ALOT of logitech headset users using mumble.

It's just on mumble this is a problem. Why im not sure. but hopefully something that mumble can fix.

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I think I can reproduce this on my debug environment if I steal my wife's Logitech headset, but I haven't tried yet and I'll probably be tied up for at least two weeks. I can't promise I'm smart enough to figure out where the problem is either, but I'll give it a look.

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i have a G930 and that seems to be the default behavior because Logitech makes really buggy software. Position test works for me, but my right ear ALWAYS sounds louder no matter what. I often have to reboot the computer to get the software to work correctly (hotkeys so I can push to talk while wandering around constatly failing and requiring a reboot to "maybe" fix is my biggest peeve)

In other words, I would bet this is a Logitech problem, not a Mumble problem. I will be solving my own problem by never buying a Logitech headset again.

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