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remove all noise reduction - how to?


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Hello folks!

I have used Mumble for a long, long time and because I am using it for a specific purpose I have solved almost all problems without asking this forum. One thing has beaten me. To keep the question simple: I have an actual radio at a remote location and I use Mumble to listen to this radio. This is shortwave radio so when there is no actual signal there is background noise and I need to be able to hear this background noise but Mumble seems to apply some kind of noise reduction and I do not want it to do that. I have tried every possible combination of parameters but it still will not leave my noise alone!! Any ideas anyone?

Best wishes


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Let's dig this one up…

You can disable noise suppression, and set amplification to 1.0 in the input settings (so both sliders all the way to the left); for good measure, disable echo cancellation as well. That should disable most of the input processing, and all that's left is loss from encoding.

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