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Mic disable bug after windows 10


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I used mumble without any problems before I installed windows 10 but now I got a big problem.

When I join a Mumble server I can talk with people but after a few seconds to a few minutes I can see that the indicator stops going red when I talk and no one can hear me anymore.

To fix this I just have to go in to the mumble settings and click Apply, nothing else. I don't even have to change anything in the setting menu.

But after a little while the bug comes back.

if it happens while i talk the indicator just keeps being red after i realease the push-to-talk bottom but no one can hear me.

I have tried the Realtek drivers from my motherboards hompage, from the Realtek hompage and the one windows 10 installs.

I really hope someone can help, I use mumble every day so this is a big problem for me.


I also found out that I am not able to use the apply fix when GTA 5 is running, but when I exit GTA5 the apply workes again.

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