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Question about AudioOutput::qmOutputs as QMultiHash


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Please forgive my novice question. I'm not super versed with Qt.

I was looking at the use of AudioOutput::qmOutputs specifically with respect to it's use in AudioOutputSpeech.cpp and wondered why it was a QMultiHash?

It seems to me that in AudioOutput::addFrameToBuffer that it just fishes out the first one the map finds with this call?

AudioOutputSpeech *aop = qobject_cast(qmOutputs.value(user));



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Hi. AudioOutputSample instances do not have a user assigned to them and hence are all added with "NULL" into the output list:

AudioOutputSample *AudioOutput::playSample(const QString &filename, bool loop) {
AudioOutputSample *aos = new AudioOutputSample(filename, handle, loop, iMixerFreq);
qmOutputs.insert(NULL, aos);

(see line 227ff. in AudioOutput.cpp). This means to allow playback of multiple sample files at the same time qmOutputs needs to be a multi hash. addFrameToBuffer isn't used there as the samples do not come from the network into the buffer but come directly from a sound file.

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