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Pop/clicking sounds when people talk


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Everytime people talk it will be prefaced with a loud annoying pop/click/buzzing sound. I've tried increasing the jitter buffer/output delay and it doesn't help.

Just to add, mumble is the only application that does this. I've use Skype/Ventrillo and it's never done that before.

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I was digging around the FAQ sound section and it tells me if i'm still having minor audio glitches to do this:


If the problems still persist, go to Configure -> Settings -> Audio Input and set everyone's Compression such that it shows "Speex" in the black text underneath the Compression box. Any setting that is <= 32.0kbit/s @ > 20ms audio per packet will be Speex.

If the problems persist, try setting your bandwidth lower at Configure -> Settings -> Audio Input -> Compression box.


I don't see it in the section described and I have ADVANCE options checked. Does anyone know how to do this?

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First, where is the problem created?

Does everyone hear that sound for everyone?

Is it just you? (probably this, so a client-problem)

You definitely should have that setting.

What version are you using? Where in that hierarchy do you get lost?

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I've had this for an entirely different reason: the person who you can hear, have them re-do the audio wizard carefully. After they're done with the wizard, re-test.. if they still "pop" or "click" at the start of their speech, have them check their "amplification" settings in audio input. On one of my crappy audio devices, no matter how hard I try and pay attention to the audio wizard, "amplification" is almost always set to something crazy like 16. On that machine, I can usually drop it back to about 4, automatic gain control seems to do it's thing and everyone can still hear me, but the pop is gone.

Not saying it'll fix your problems, but it worked for me.

Full disclosure: I used to run a commercial Mumble host, and my opinions do not reflect the opinions of the Mumble project.

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Fwaggle helped me on MIRC and I think he is right. Most people did not do the setup correctly and this chat client is so touchy that you HAVE to do the setup correctly or people crackle like mad. I had 3 people do it over again and explained exaclty what to do.....

Honestly the explination of how to do it for me at least was kind of confusing... but after reading 5 times I got it. It seemed to help everyone in my guild who uses it.

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