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PushToTalk Mobile App


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Hi All,

I'm new to Mumble and just starting to learn about the use cases it supports and the different components available.

I have a project where we want to setup push to talk functionality for IOS and Android. I know there are some client libraries already for IOS and Android but I expect the need to add in a lot of custom functionality. Perhaps the best option is to start with a webAPI and begin to extend from there?

Any major differences in hosting the server on Windows or Linux?

Here are a list of high level potential requirements. Some of these are optional but right now I'm just trying to understand where some of the limits are when using Mumble. Does anyone see something that will be a roadblock with Mumble?

1.Mobile Device can upload audio

2.Server limits one audio source in audio stream at a time (People shouldn't be able to talk over eachother)

3.High priority audio source interrupt is available

4.Audio stream can be sourced by up to 2000 clients

5.Audio stream provided in iOS and Android-friendly formats

6.Audio stream limited to authorized users

7.Multiple channels/audio streams can be supported simultaneously

8.Dynamic creation/tear-down of each stream supported through an API

9.Integration with user database for authorization/role information

10.End to end encryption (level of encryption TBD)

11. Recording of channels

12. Voice to text translation.

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