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Using 2nd Instance of Mumble to Listen In


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I'm currently running 2 instances of mumble with 2 different certificates on the same pc.

What I want to do is have my 1st mumble instance to audio in my microphone and audio out into my speakers.

That part is all fine and dandy.

With my 2nd instance of mumble, I have it set to where it is on continuously, using Virtual Audio Cable Line 1 to stream music from a media player, and then outputting to Line 2.

So with Line 2, I'm assuming it should be picking up my 1st mumble instance's speech along with the rest of people in the mumble. But it seems to pick up everyone elses but not mine.

I'm trying to use Line 2 as an audio source when streaming because I want my voice to go through mumble's noise suppression as well as have better control with push-to-talk.

What am I doing wrong here?

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