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Crackling with pulseaudio


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I've been getting this bug on linux with the latest stable release, I've had this bug for a little while I just always worked around it.

When I start mumble the sound becomes crackly for all applications playing audio and I have sort of crackly audio ghosts, I don't really know how to describe it. If I play a 2 second clip of sound I will hear the clip + some static, then a second or so of silence then another 2 seconds of crackling without the actual backing sound.

Anyway if I kill mumble, kill pulseaudio, wait for pulse to come back up then restart mumble and everything works fine. I just thought I'd post here as mumble is the only program that causes this issue for me.

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One thing you could try is to look if there are any speech-dispatcher processes on your system.

We have had reports previously that speech-dispatcher could interfere with their audio.

Instead of killing the Pulse daemon, could you try to see if there are any speech-dispatcher helper processes running on your system, and try to kill those instead -- and see if it helps?


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