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Missing qt5-qssldiffiehellmanparameters.patch ??


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Here is the snippet of the build log at failure,

+ cd qtbase

+ patch -p1

./ line 46: /cygdrive/c/MumbleBuild/win32-static-1.3.x-2015-09-19-41b7a9b/mumble-releng/buildenv/1.3.x/win32-static/patches/qt5-qssldiffiehellmanparameters.patch: No such file or directory

I'm running the ./build-all.bash from /cygdrive/c/MumbleBuild/win32-static-1.3.x-2015-09-19-41b7a9b/mumble-releng/buildenv/1.3.x/win32-static

Windows 10 x64

Visual Studio 2013 Community

Should I post an issue on github?



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