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Unable to connect to server, timeout


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I'm having a problem connecting to a specific server, it's a private mumble server hosted on a pi at my friends house.

Right now, there's plenty of users online, but I cannot connect from my Windows 8.1 machine. That is, I was online for years, and then last friday I got disconnected, and havn't been able to get back on. Even though my friend and brother is still online.

I just get a "connection timed out".

Things I've tried:

Start virtual machine, install mumble and connect from that: Works fine, so the problem is with my OS install.

Disable Firewall

Disable Anti Virus

Reset winsock

Reboot pc

Re-install mumble

Remove/Add server

Renamed mumble.sqlite in Appdata

No bans

Console.txt shows no errors

Things to try:

Re-install Windows

(edit, tried posting this in the relevant thread below, but my posts dont show up...)

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