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Null/Disable Encryption?


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I'm currently working with a local amateur radio (ham radio) emergency group and we've been looking at various VoIP solutions for a while and I've been a Mumble user for a few years.

Without getting into too many of the legal issues, in a nutshell it is considered illegal to transmit encrypted data via amateur radio (ham radio) frequencies per FCC Part 97 rules.

I see a lot of great uses for Mumble in amateur radio, especially with a lot more communications being done with wireless networking products on ham radio frequencies, but the encryption is the largest hangup with getting it implemented broadly.

Does anyone have thoughts on how encryption can be disabled or made a null value for legal amateur radio operation?


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I believe you can achieve what you're after using some of the new options in Mumble 1.3.0 snapshots, as well as recent Mumble 1.2.x releases.

You can now configure SSL ciphers on both the client and the server.

You can change the ciphers in murmur.ini by setting sslCiphers= to an OpenSSL cipher suite list.

In the client, there is a hidden (no UI for it) config option called "net/sslciphers" that can be set in the registry (Windows), preferences plist (OS X) or .ini file (*nix). It also takes an OpenSSL cipher suite.

If you set sslCiphers=eNULL, and set the client "net/sslciphers" option to eNULL as well, you'll only allow TLS cipher suites that do not encrypt (but you will still get authentication).

I am not sure that's good enough for you.

Also, I haven't tested if the above actually works -- but it should.

...As for setting the client setting, if you're on Windows, it'd be something like navigating to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mumble\Mumble\net in the registry editor and adding a string key called "sslciphers" with the value "eNULL".

If you need help, please ping this thread, and I'll try to be of asistance!

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