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overwrote my certificate


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What do you mean, they do not match?

For your registered account?

The whole idea of a certificate is to have a "secure password" that the server knows nothing about, but through algorithms can indeed still identify you.

So no, there is no way to get your old certificate back if you did not back it up before hand.

In that case, just update your Mumble account with the new certificate (or connect under a different name and register).

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I don't think Mumble overwrites certificates? I think by default it just creates a seperate one.

However, if you did somehow overwrite, delete, or remove the certificate, one you could attempt to recover the file from the file system before it is overwriten.

If you're in Windows, you can use a program called "Recuva" (free edition available) to read the directory for any files still intact after deletion. If you're lucky you can recover the certificate file and reuse it.

Otherwise, you'd have to re-register the user. Keep backups of your certificate or user directory if you can. Data loss is a heart-sinking feeling. A good backup will wash that anxiety away.


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